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Show actual finish time instead of 'Time to finish'

I would prefer that the program told me about when the operations will stop, instead of telling me how long time it will take. Because at the beginning it doesn't show anything in the time fields, but after a while it shows how long time it's going to take and how long time it's been on it.

So I have to add "finishing time" to "local time" and subtract with "Work time" to get an estimate on how long time I have to take a nice cup of tea.

Another time-issue is that it displayed a good estimation on when it was going to be ready with the first harddrive, but when it went on to the second the "finish time" label was still on the same finish time as in the first drive, while the "work time" was increased to a higher value than the "finish time"... and that is confusing!

Marcus , 13.10.2010, 12:21
Idea status: under consideration


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